Six Central Florida Water Fountains at Night

Some of my best times for using my camera phone is at night.  I enjoy the challenge of finding different light sources besides the flash on my camera.  The following photos are of various water fountains around Central Florida, all photographed at night with my iPhone. Follow and like... Read More »

Rivership Barbara Lee of Sanford, Florida

Lake Monroe exists in Sanford, Florida. Many times when I visit Lake Monroe, I would come across Rivership Barbara Lee, a boat owned by St. Johns Rivership Co. Hosting live entertainment and serving food, the boat leaves Lake Monroe and travels upstream on the St. John’s river. According to the rivership’s website, the schedule is... Read More »

Political Words on a Condom Vending Machine

In the bathroom at Wallys (located in Orlando), I spotted these beautiful words on a condom vending machine: No War but Class War! When it comes to spreading a message, I guess a bathroom would be one of the best choices, especially with all the traffic a bar’s bathroom receives every day and every night.... Read More »

Stealth Signal Batman: An Action Figure with Bat Signals

About eight years ago, a buddy handed me Stealth Signal Batman for a present. I forgot if this was either a birthday or Christmas present. This was around the year the movie Batman Begins premiered, a movie my friend and I saw together. Press a button on the action figure and a bat signal shows.... Read More »

Three Laughing Buddha Figurines

Usually, I see figurines of the Laughing Buddha (Budai in Chinese) more than I see figurines of Siddhartha Buddha. Actually, the Laughing Buddha is a Chinese monk often confused with Siddhartha. Budai is often depicted as a laughing, fat, bald guy. His laughing earned him the name The Laughing Buddha. I photographed the following images... Read More »

Vintage Photos of African-American Migrant Workers in Upstate New York

Recently, I found photos once owned by Mary Elizabeth Anderson, a late great aunt from my mom’s side.  Some of the photos contained black and white images of migrant workers.  I borrowed those from my Uncle Hollis, the person who now owns them. My maternal grandparents were migrant workers.   With other African-Americans, they would travel... Read More »

Costumed Window Displays at Orlando’s Ritzy Rags

One night during my wanderings on Orlando’s Mills Ave., I purposely walked to Ritzy Rags, a wigs and more shop. Remembering the costumed mannequin displays in the window, I decided to photograph them with my iPhone. Follow and like... Read More »

Hot Air Balloons Flying Over My Apartment Complex

From 1979 to 1992, I lived in St, John’s Village Apartments.  A twenty minute drive from Orlando,  St, John’s existed in Fern Park, Florida.  Here I lived with my mother and younger brother. One January morning in 1985, hot air balloons flew over the apartment complex.  I think this was a Saturday. I forgot what... Read More »

A Car Resembling a Creation from the Movie TRON

When it comes to custom cars, I’ve witnessed many varieties.  Some containing huge wheels and shiny rims.  Others painted one color on top and another color on the bottom.  Yet, one Friday night during a DJ gig, one car definitely stood out among the rest.  Locals called it The TRON Car. This happened in Downtown... Read More »

A Plastic Crucifix Flashing Red and Blue

Years ago, I purchased a cheap plastic crucifix.  I forgot where I bought it, possibly a dollar store located in a local mall.  Recently, I just found out the crucifix flashes red and blue light.  With my iPhone, I decided to get creative. I combined the Snapseed App with Instagram filters, something I’ve been doing... Read More »

Three Silverware Tips Containing Unique Designs

One night, with my iPhone, I photographed silverware.   My favorite shot involved photographing three different tips.  All three silverware tips contained unique designs.   Follow and like... Read More »

A Doll’s Demonic Face

At a place I used to DJ, the bar displayed old dolls in a corner next to me.  With my iPhone, I photographed the dolls. The following pic is my favorite. The doll’s face appears as if something supernatural is liable to happen.  Maybe, it will start talking in a demonic voice.   Follow and... Read More »

Five Influential Photo Books

One day, with my iPhone, I decided to photograph my favorite photo books.  Of all the photo books I own, these influenced me the most. The first book from the left is Half Past Autumn, a collection of Gordon Parks’ photography throughout the years.  After many years of producing excellent photojournalism,  people mostly recognize Gordon... Read More »

Human Skull and Female Doll Looking Disturbingly Good Together

Spotting them both in a bar I used to DJ, I thought the human skull and female doll together would make a disturbing and cool pic.  Because I played the whole sides of vinyl records, I had more than enough time to create an artistic piece with my iPhone. After photographing, I edited with Snapseed... Read More »

Christ Statue at St. Mary Magdalen

For years, I’ve always drove by a Christ statue located at St. Mary Magdalen Parish.   St. Mary Magdalen exists in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Finally, one night with my iPhone, I decided to photograph the Christ statue. Enough light already shined on it, reason why I avoided flash. After photographing, I drove home and began editing... Read More »