Still Life

Costumed Window Displays at Orlando’s Ritzy Rags

One night during my wanderings on Orlando’s Mills Ave., I purposely walked to Ritzy Rags, a wigs and more shop. Remembering the costumed mannequin displays in the window, I decided to photograph them with my iPhone. Follow and like... Read More »

Three Silverware Tips Containing Unique Designs

One night, with my iPhone, I photographed silverware.   My favorite shot involved photographing three different tips.  All three silverware tips contained unique designs.   Follow and like... Read More »

A Doll’s Demonic Face

At a place I used to DJ, the bar displayed old dolls in a corner next to me.  With my iPhone, I photographed the dolls. The following pic is my favorite. The doll’s face appears as if something supernatural is liable to happen.  Maybe, it will start talking in a demonic voice.   Follow and... Read More »

Human Skull and Female Doll Looking Disturbingly Good Together

Spotting them both in a bar I used to DJ, I thought the human skull and female doll together would make a disturbing and cool pic.  Because I played the whole sides of vinyl records, I had more than enough time to create an artistic piece with my iPhone. After photographing, I edited with Snapseed... Read More »

A Scary Mask, Black Gloves and a Chainsaw

I love horror films, always did and always will.  My taste leans more towards the R-rated variety:  blood and nude scenes. Sometimes, I enjoy viewing horror films in second run movie theaters.  At these spots, audience members yell at the screen.  Sometimes,  I even join in on the fun. “Oh, hell naw, the black man... Read More »