Two Seminole County Florida Cemetaries: Oaklawn Memorial Park and Evergreen Municipal Cemetary

A Facebook friend challenged me to photograph a cemetery. “You know black people are afraid of graveyards, don’t you?” I said. Because she’s a white woman with a half-black son, she understood.  She explained despite being raised in an atheist home, her son is still afraid of ghosts. During the late afternoon, I took the... Read More »

Christ Statue at St. Mary Magdalen

For years, I’ve always drove by a Christ statue located at St. Mary Magdalen Parish.   St. Mary Magdalen exists in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Finally, one night with my iPhone, I decided to photograph the Christ statue. Enough light already shined on it, reason why I avoided flash. After photographing, I drove home and began editing... Read More »