Sanford Florida

People Dressed as The Warriors in Sanford, Florida

Recently, actor Roger Hill died, a person most people remember as Cyrus from the gang movie The Warriors. About two years ago, I DJed a party centered around the movie. The event took place at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida. Some folks dressed as characters from the movie.  One guy even wore the jacket... Read More »

Fire and Burlesque Dancer: Sissy Mary Sinful

After previousely blogging about Sissy Mary Sinful, it hadn’t occurred to me our paths once crossed at Little Fish-Huge Pond, a spot located in Sanford, Florida.  Remembering a burlesque dancer who wore star pasties, I searched my Facebook photo albums. Out of the three dancers, she was the only one I managed to photograph before... Read More »

Night Sailing Lake Monroe Located in Sanford, Florida

Some years back, I joined friends for an evening sailboat ride in Lake Monroe, a body of water existing in Sanford, Florida.  Two people dressed as pirates.  Sanford’s annual Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival was approaching.  I was to photograph people for advertisement purposes, advertisement for the pirate fest. For this, I carried my... Read More »

Six Central Florida Water Fountains at Night

Some of my best times for using my camera phone is at night.  I enjoy the challenge of finding different light sources besides the flash on my camera.  The following photos are of various water fountains around Central Florida, all photographed at night with my iPhone. Follow and like... Read More »

Rivership Barbara Lee of Sanford, Florida

Lake Monroe exists in Sanford, Florida. Many times when I visit Lake Monroe, I would come across Rivership Barbara Lee, a boat owned by St. Johns Rivership Co. Hosting live entertainment and serving food, the boat leaves Lake Monroe and travels upstream on the St. John’s river. According to the rivership’s website, the schedule is... Read More »

An Alice in Wonderland Costume Event in Sanford, Florida

Back in April 2010, Little Fish-Huge Pond hosted an Alice in Wonderland event.  Little Fish-Huge Pond exists in Sanford, a forty-five minute drive away from Orlando, Florida. For those that don’t know, the original name for Lewis Caroll’s book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Stage, film and television shortened it to the name most people recognize.... Read More »

Three Laughing Buddha Figurines

Usually, I see figurines of the Laughing Buddha (Budai in Chinese) more than I see figurines of Siddhartha Buddha. Actually, the Laughing Buddha is a Chinese monk often confused with Siddhartha. Budai is often depicted as a laughing, fat, bald guy. His laughing earned him the name The Laughing Buddha. I photographed the following images... Read More »

Vintage Photos of African-American Migrant Workers in Upstate New York

Recently, I found photos once owned by Mary Elizabeth Anderson, a late great aunt from my mom’s side.  Some of the photos contained black and white images of migrant workers.  I borrowed those from my Uncle Hollis, the person who now owns them. My maternal grandparents were migrant workers.   With other African-Americans, they would travel... Read More »

Two Seminole County Florida Cemetaries: Oaklawn Memorial Park and Evergreen Municipal Cemetary

A Facebook friend challenged me to photograph a cemetery. “You know black people are afraid of graveyards, don’t you?” I said. Because she’s a white woman with a half-black son, she understood.  She explained despite being raised in an atheist home, her son is still afraid of ghosts. During the late afternoon, I took the... Read More »

A Masquerade Event in Downtown Sanford, Florida

Last November, I attended a birthday masquerade party at Little Fish-Huge Pond.  Little Fish exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Masquerade balls originated in 15th century Venice, Italy.  During the Venetian Carnival, members of the upper-class held dances as they wore masks.  Also during these events, because of the mask wearing, hedonistic behavior became the norm. ... Read More »

Southern Magnolia Flowers in Downtown Sanford, Florida

One morning, I drove through Downtown Sanford, Florida.  As I cruised 1st Street, I noticed a magnolia tree on a corner.  Noticing the tree’s white flowers, I parked the car and took out my iPhone. Because they grow in the Deep South, these magnolia varieties are called southern magnolias. (How original is that for a... Read More »

A Funny Biker Chick Sign in Sanford’s The Alley

A venue hosting live blues music, The Alley exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida.  One night, I noticed a pink metal sign hanging on the bar’s brick wall.  A smile formed on my face. Taking out my iPhone, I felt the need to photograph the sign. Follow and like... Read More »

Dreadlocked Black Guy Wearing a Silver Mask

One night during a DJ gig, I noticed a black guy putting on a plastic silver mask.  With long dreadlocks touching his shoulders, I thought the mask added a cool touch. Actually, the mask belonged to the bar.  At Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, hats and other masks are always available for a drunk bar... Read More »

Monarch Butterfly Landing on Florida Orange Blossom

In Downtown Sanford, Florida, a small orange grove exists by a hotel.  Knowing I might be trespassing, I walked to the orange grove anyway. I noticed a Monarch butterfly landing on top of an orange blossom. In Florida, most Monarchs are usually seen during the winter months. I spotted the one on the blossom in... Read More »