AXL Rose now sponsored by Krispy Kreme

Could it be true that Axl Rose is now sponsored by Krispy Kreme donuts? Follow and like... Read More »

AXL Rose likes cake

Rumor has it Axl Rose is singing jingles for local bakeries. Follow and like... Read More »

People Dressed as The Warriors in Sanford, Florida

Recently, actor Roger Hill died, a person most people remember as Cyrus from the gang movie The Warriors. About two years ago, I DJed a party centered around the movie. The event took place at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida. Some folks dressed as characters from the movie.  One guy even wore the jacket... Read More »

This is Gonna Hurt by Nikki Sixx (a book review)

Some months back, at the library, I checked out Nikki Sixx’s This is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life. Most people know Nikki Sixx as metal band Motley Crue’s bassist.  Also, he wrote the New York Times Bestseller The Heroin Diaries.  This is Gonna Hurt is Sixx’s second published book. With me being black, I... Read More »

Two Wild, Daft Punk Fan, Photos Borrowed from Facebook

Last night, after Daft Punk won Album of The Year at the 2014 Grammy Awards, two friends uploaded Daft Punk pics on Facebook.  Actually, the photos were of them posing as they held up Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories album. Christopher LeBrane: an Orlando musician of many instruments.  Also, the only black man I witnessed... Read More »

6 Reasons to Use External Flash in Photography

If you use a DSLR camera, I highly recommend an external flash over on-camera flash.  Here are six reasons why. 1.On-camera flash drains the camera’s battery.  An external flash has its own power source, usually some form of AA batteries. 2.The on-camera’s double flash is confusing.  I guess it flashes twice to prevent red-eye, something... Read More »

Shocking Orlando Pic Proves Carry Camera Always

One night, some friends and I boozed in an Orlando bar.  (Because I fear this blog contributing future trouble for the place, the bar shall remain nameless.) Sometime during the evening, two couples entered the establishment.  I’m bad with age.  Still, I guessed the couple to be in their thirties or early forties. I noticed... Read More »

Consumer Alert: Sunpak DigiFlash 3000 Sucks

One evening in a Wal-Mart photo section, I spotted the Sunpak DigiFlash 3000.  These external flashes come in two varieties, one for Canon DSLR cameras and one for Nikon DSLR cameras.  For fifty-nine bucks, I thought this was a bargain. I purchased one the following week.  In the beginning, no problems started.  As I tested... Read More »

The Perfect Size and The Perfect Resolution for Blog/Website Images

For blog images, two questions come to mind: the perfect resolution and the perfect size.  For size, I worry about how well the image fits in a visitor’s browser.   Many times, I prefer presenting images that fill the whole browser.  As for resolution, I worry mostly about visitors stealing my pics.   A person can only... Read More »

Bikini Babes from Florida

Most of these photos came from previous blogs. All are either from Cocoa Beach or Orlando, Florida. After one hundred blog posts, I recently found out many photos weren’t uploaded in their appropriate size.  True enough, at it’s longest length, a photo can be displayed at 615 dpi.  Yet, that don’t translate well when you... Read More »

Orlando Photographer Alexia Adana: Interview and Photos

I recently met Alexia Adana at a party hosted by Orlando Weekly, a local press publishing the stories mainstream is afraid to print.  After becoming Facebook friends, I noticed Alexia’s beautiful photography. On November 22 in Miami, she’ll be a featured RAW artist for the 5th Annual RAWards. Last week-end, after my asking her, Alexia granted... Read More »

Babe Photography in Front of Downtown Orlando’s Alpha Bar

Back in 2001, a buddy hosted a DJ night at Alpha Bar, a spot once located in Downtown Orlando.  Usually, I would stand outside in front of the place and photograph the babes passing by. These were Tuesday nights.  Also, many of the babes passing by were either going to or leaving Have A Nice... Read More »

Instagram Pics of Diverse Dancing Babes at Orlando’s The Beacham

Recently, I posted a blog showing Instagram pics of Orlando nightlife babes. Due to that blog post’s popularity, I decided to do another Instagram post involving Orlando’s nightlife and babes. This one involves The Beacham, a nightclub I photograph every Friday and Saturday night.  I used to photograph Sundays, but I don’t anymore. On a... Read More »

Instagram Pics of Orlando Nightlife Babes

The following photos are Instagram pics involving babes in Orlando’s nightlife.  Some you may have seen in previous blogs.  Some I used flash and others I didn’t.  Enjoy By the way, my Instagram name is stonecrazy89. [Show as slideshow] Follow and like... Read More »

Diverse Babes from Orlando’s The Beacham

True enough, most of the club babes on this page are of the chocolate variety. Yet, a few different spices are included in the mix. During the weekends, I photograph for The Beacham, a nightclub located in Downtown Orlando, Florida.  Friday and Saturdays are hip hop nights.  Sunday is a Latin night.  I no longer... Read More »