A Secret About Night Photography

Many beginning photographers aren’t aware of the one trick night photographer’s use.  True, most night photography tips are useful, especially placing the camera on a tripod.  Without a tripod, the photographer may receive unfocused images.  There is also truth in using a high ISO speed when it comes to low light.  Still, the images may... Read More »

A Dark Scary Alley in Orlando

One night, as I walked down Orlando’s busy Mills Avenue, I noticed a lighted, thin alley.  Thinking of the creative things I can do with the image, I photographed the alley with my iPhone. I later edited the image in a phone app called Pixlr Express. Follow and like... Read More »

Costumed Window Displays at Orlando’s Ritzy Rags

One night during my wanderings on Orlando’s Mills Ave., I purposely walked to Ritzy Rags, a wigs and more shop. Remembering the costumed mannequin displays in the window, I decided to photograph them with my iPhone. Follow and like... Read More »

A Car Resembling a Creation from the Movie TRON

When it comes to custom cars, I’ve witnessed many varieties.  Some containing huge wheels and shiny rims.  Others painted one color on top and another color on the bottom.  Yet, one Friday night during a DJ gig, one car definitely stood out among the rest.  Locals called it The TRON Car. This happened in Downtown... Read More »

Dumpster Graffiti at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Outside Orlando’s The Peacock Room exists a dumpster with graffiti on it.  One night, the spray paint image of a huge key with bat wings caught my eye.  With my iPhone, I photographed it. Follow and like... Read More »

A Foggy Wal-Mart Parking Lot at Night

One night after a DJ gig, I drove to a local Wal-Mart, one that stays open 24 hours.  Alcohol gives me the munchies. Falling in love with the foggy evening, I took out my iPhone and photographed the parking lot. (For those of you who are concerned, a security automobile drove around the parking lot... Read More »

Orange County Library: Edgewater Branch

I’m too broke to buy books.  To satisfy my literature cravings, I head to the nearest Florida Orange County Library.  For me, that would be the Edgewater branch, located in Orlando’s north west area. Because I’m too broke to attend the movies also. I head to the library to check out DVDs.  My movie tastes... Read More »

Christ Statue at St. Mary Magdalen

For years, I’ve always drove by a Christ statue located at St. Mary Magdalen Parish.   St. Mary Magdalen exists in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Finally, one night with my iPhone, I decided to photograph the Christ statue. Enough light already shined on it, reason why I avoided flash. After photographing, I drove home and began editing... Read More »

Plague Inc.: A Shocking Phone App Game

Occasionally, my friend Anthony sells hotdogs in front of The Peacock Room, a bar located in Orlando. As we talked that night, I noticed Anthony’s friend deeply involved in a phone app game. After me asking him, the guy explained the game as he continued playing. “It’s Plague Inc.,” he said. “The idea is to... Read More »

Nude Female Sculptures in Orlando’s Thorton Park

In Orlando’s Thornton Park, a fountain exists in the middle of the business district.   Included in the fountain are nude female sculptures surrounding it.  One evening, after photographing a full shot of the fountain with my iPhone, I decided aiming my focus on the fountain’s nude females.   Out of all the photos I took of... Read More »

An Instgram Pic Used for Wizard and Vampire Story

Recently, I’ve been doing night photography with my iPhone. On Facebook, a friend of mine saw an Instagram photo I posted and asked could she use it for her website, one with a loyal following. She said the photo would perfect for a short story involving a violent conflict between a wizard and a vampire.... Read More »