Five Reasons Working Wal-Mart’s One Hour Photo Sucks

For almost six years, I worked a Wal-Mart one hour photo.  Three of those years, I was the Department Manager. What I assumed fun at first turned shitty. Sure, there were some benefits, like the obscene photos we would run across.  For me, I liked talking to hot moms.  Plus I was able to place... Read More »

Seven Things Asshole Artists Do

Despite this being a photo blog, I’ve decided to include all forms of art in this blog post.  As you read the post, I am definitely not talking about you, right?  Of course, you yourself aren’t an asshole.  You sure about that?  Here are seven things asshole artists do. 1.    Asshole artists obsess over equipment... Read More »

Five Reasons to Hate The Word “iPhoneography”

I photograph using an iPhone.  Yet,I never liked the word iPhoneography. Let’s get straight to five reasons why. 1.It contains the name of a brand: When people think of cola drinks, they immediately think of Coke. Yet, Coke is the name of a brand. Other companies make cola drinks also. iPhone is the brand name... Read More »

Six Reasons to Enjoy Cell Phone Photography

Some people call it mobile photography.  Others call it iPhoneography, a name I can’t stand.  Yet, I’ll give six reasons on enjoying photography with your cell phone.  Some reasons the reader already knows.  Yet, other reasons they may not have realized. 1. Convenience – No more worrying about forgetting your camera at home.  Because it’s... Read More »

Five Reasons Photographers Hate Dealing with Cheap People

I really hate dealing with cheap bastards, especially when it involves them paying me for my services.  Even during a good economy, people whine poverty when it comes to paying. Now, I’m going to give you five goddamned reasons on why photographers hate dealing with cheap bastards. 1. Cheap people hate spending money, but they... Read More »