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Crowd Album Website Proves Social Media’s Power

Recently, I just realized the true power of social media.  I always knew social media was powerful.  Using it brings more views to this blog.  Yet, a certain website proved social media’s power more than I thought it was. Back in August 2013, I attended a Mickey Avalon concert at Orlando’s The Social.  Most people... Read More »

A Secret About Night Photography

Many beginning photographers aren’t aware of the one trick night photographer’s use.  True, most night photography tips are useful, especially placing the camera on a tripod.  Without a tripod, the photographer may receive unfocused images.  There is also truth in using a high ISO speed when it comes to low light.  Still, the images may... Read More »

Five Reasons to Hate The Word “iPhoneography”

I photograph using an iPhone.  Yet,I never liked the word iPhoneography. Let’s get straight to five reasons why. 1.It contains the name of a brand: When people think of cola drinks, they immediately think of Coke. Yet, Coke is the name of a brand. Other companies make cola drinks also. iPhone is the brand name... Read More »

Six Reasons to Enjoy Cell Phone Photography

Some people call it mobile photography.  Others call it iPhoneography, a name I can’t stand.  Yet, I’ll give six reasons on enjoying photography with your cell phone.  Some reasons the reader already knows.  Yet, other reasons they may not have realized. 1. Convenience – No more worrying about forgetting your camera at home.  Because it’s... Read More »

Instagram Horror Pics

Horror ranks high among one of my favorite genres.  I watch it all: slasher, classic b&w and cheesy straight to DVD. For this blog, I gathered some personal Instagram pics inspired by my love for horror. Follow and like... Read More »

Instagram Pics of Diverse Dancing Babes at Orlando’s The Beacham

Recently, I posted a blog showing Instagram pics of Orlando nightlife babes. Due to that blog post’s popularity, I decided to do another Instagram post involving Orlando’s nightlife and babes. This one involves The Beacham, a nightclub I photograph every Friday and Saturday night.  I used to photograph Sundays, but I don’t anymore. On a... Read More »

Instagram Pics of Orlando Nightlife Babes

The following photos are Instagram pics involving babes in Orlando’s nightlife.  Some you may have seen in previous blogs.  Some I used flash and others I didn’t.  Enjoy By the way, my Instagram name is stonecrazy89. [Show as slideshow] Follow and like... Read More »

Fire and Burlesque Dancer: Sissy Mary Sinful

After previousely blogging about Sissy Mary Sinful, it hadn’t occurred to me our paths once crossed at Little Fish-Huge Pond, a spot located in Sanford, Florida.  Remembering a burlesque dancer who wore star pasties, I searched my Facebook photo albums. Out of the three dancers, she was the only one I managed to photograph before... Read More »

Six Central Florida Water Fountains at Night

Some of my best times for using my camera phone is at night.  I enjoy the challenge of finding different light sources besides the flash on my camera.  The following photos are of various water fountains around Central Florida, all photographed at night with my iPhone. Follow and like... Read More »

A Dark Scary Alley in Orlando

One night, as I walked down Orlando’s busy Mills Avenue, I noticed a lighted, thin alley.  Thinking of the creative things I can do with the image, I photographed the alley with my iPhone. I later edited the image in a phone app called Pixlr Express. Follow and like... Read More »

Rivership Barbara Lee of Sanford, Florida

Lake Monroe exists in Sanford, Florida. Many times when I visit Lake Monroe, I would come across Rivership Barbara Lee, a boat owned by St. Johns Rivership Co. Hosting live entertainment and serving food, the boat leaves Lake Monroe and travels upstream on the St. John’s river. According to the rivership’s website, the schedule is... Read More »

A Charismatic Young Woman Outside Orlando’s Will’s Pub

One night outside Orlando’s Will’s Pub, I was heading towards the entrance.  I really had no plans to go inside.  I was going to exchange a few friendly words with the door person, my friend Heather.  Before you go inside, you come across Heather first. Suddenly, a charismatic young lady exited Will’s.  Because I couldn’t... Read More »

Political Words on a Condom Vending Machine

In the bathroom at Wallys (located in Orlando), I spotted these beautiful words on a condom vending machine: No War but Class War! When it comes to spreading a message, I guess a bathroom would be one of the best choices, especially with all the traffic a bar’s bathroom receives every day and every night.... Read More »

Flowers Circling Around a Buddhist Biker

One drunken night at Orlando’s Peacock Room, a biker friend sat on the bar counter like a Buddhist monk.  With my iPhone, I photographed him. Later on, with the Pixlr Express phone app, I added some circling flowers. Follow and like... Read More »

Stealth Signal Batman: An Action Figure with Bat Signals

About eight years ago, a buddy handed me Stealth Signal Batman for a present. I forgot if this was either a birthday or Christmas present. This was around the year the movie Batman Begins premiered, a movie my friend and I saw together. Press a button on the action figure and a bat signal shows.... Read More »