Inspired by Horror

Instagram Horror Pics

Horror ranks high among one of my favorite genres.  I watch it all: slasher, classic b&w and cheesy straight to DVD. For this blog, I gathered some personal Instagram pics inspired by my love for horror. Follow and like... Read More »

A Dark Scary Alley in Orlando

One night, as I walked down Orlando’s busy Mills Avenue, I noticed a lighted, thin alley.  Thinking of the creative things I can do with the image, I photographed the alley with my iPhone. I later edited the image in a phone app called Pixlr Express. Follow and like... Read More »

Creepy Halloween Props at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Every year, creepy Halloween props go up in The Peacock Room, a Central Florida bar located near Downtown Orlando’s edge. David Rich, one of the two owners, gave the low-down on the props. “They are made by a man that works for a local theme park. They were made for us. We own them. And... Read More »

Orlando Rules Halloween (includes photos to prove it)

In his Orlando Weekly article, Seth Kubersky had it right. When it comes to Halloween, Orlando rules. This is the same city that hosts Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, an annual event attracting visitors from all over the country. I think Halloween Horror Nights starts the first week of October and lasts until the first... Read More »

A Doll’s Demonic Face

At a place I used to DJ, the bar displayed old dolls in a corner next to me.  With my iPhone, I photographed the dolls. The following pic is my favorite. The doll’s face appears as if something supernatural is liable to happen.  Maybe, it will start talking in a demonic voice.   Follow and... Read More »

A Foggy Wal-Mart Parking Lot at Night

One night after a DJ gig, I drove to a local Wal-Mart, one that stays open 24 hours.  Alcohol gives me the munchies. Falling in love with the foggy evening, I took out my iPhone and photographed the parking lot. (For those of you who are concerned, a security automobile drove around the parking lot... Read More »

Human Skull and Female Doll Looking Disturbingly Good Together

Spotting them both in a bar I used to DJ, I thought the human skull and female doll together would make a disturbing and cool pic.  Because I played the whole sides of vinyl records, I had more than enough time to create an artistic piece with my iPhone. After photographing, I edited with Snapseed... Read More »

A Goth Friend Displaying His Skull Ring

“You have more goth followers than I do.  And you’re black!” That was my drunk and silly friend Brian Stibal. One night at a party, I was showing him my Tumblr and Instagram followings on my iPhone.  What Brian said was true.  Many goths appreciate some of my photos. Brian creates custom design rings, Demention... Read More »

A Scary Mask, Black Gloves and a Chainsaw

I love horror films, always did and always will.  My taste leans more towards the R-rated variety:  blood and nude scenes. Sometimes, I enjoy viewing horror films in second run movie theaters.  At these spots, audience members yell at the screen.  Sometimes,  I even join in on the fun. “Oh, hell naw, the black man... Read More »

An Instgram Pic Used for Wizard and Vampire Story

Recently, I’ve been doing night photography with my iPhone. On Facebook, a friend of mine saw an Instagram photo I posted and asked could she use it for her website, one with a loyal following. She said the photo would perfect for a short story involving a violent conflict between a wizard and a vampire.... Read More »

Instagram Zombie Figurine Pic

One night at a friend’s house party, I noticed miniature figurines placed through out the living room. After taking out my iPhone, I photographed a zombie crawling towards a screaming woman. Follow and like... Read More »