Justin Bieber pants

It looks like Justin Bieber is now wearing diapers under his pants. Does Justin Bieber change his own diapers or does somebody change them for him?   Follow and like... Read More »

Two Wild, Daft Punk Fan, Photos Borrowed from Facebook

Last night, after Daft Punk won Album of The Year at the 2014 Grammy Awards, two friends uploaded Daft Punk pics on Facebook.  Actually, the photos were of them posing as they held up Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories album. Christopher LeBrane: an Orlando musician of many instruments.  Also, the only black man I witnessed... Read More »

Explaining Social Media #Hashtags (Plus some controversy)

First, I shall explain hashtags.  For awhile, hashtags were mostly used on micro-social networks like Twitter and Instagram. Now, other sites (including Google+ and Facebook) use hashstags.  First, you type this symbol “#”.  Then after that symbol, you type a word.   Let’s say you upload a red rose photo.  These may be your hashtags: #rose,... Read More »

Orlando Rules Halloween (includes photos to prove it)

In his Orlando Weekly article, Seth Kubersky had it right. When it comes to Halloween, Orlando rules. This is the same city that hosts Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, an annual event attracting visitors from all over the country. I think Halloween Horror Nights starts the first week of October and lasts until the first... Read More »

Flowers Circling Around a Buddhist Biker

One drunken night at Orlando’s Peacock Room, a biker friend sat on the bar counter like a Buddhist monk.  With my iPhone, I photographed him. Later on, with the Pixlr Express phone app, I added some circling flowers. Follow and like... Read More »

Twenty Two Photos of People Wearing Cool T-Shirts

Today, I decided to gather photos of people wearing cool t-shirts, pics I took over the years. Some I photographed with my Canon Digital Rebel.  Others I photographed on the photo setting of my Toshiba camcorder.  All photos involve Central Florida’s nightlife.  Enjoy. Follow and like... Read More »

A Funny Biker Chick Sign in Sanford’s The Alley

A venue hosting live blues music, The Alley exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida.  One night, I noticed a pink metal sign hanging on the bar’s brick wall.  A smile formed on my face. Taking out my iPhone, I felt the need to photograph the sign. Follow and like... Read More »

Funny Words Written on a Toilet Lid

I found these lovely words written on a toilet lid in Will’s Pub, a bar located in Orlando, Florida. There’s no Men’s or Ladie’s room, the bathrooms are uni-sexual. Fascinated, I took out my iPhone and photographed the toilet lid. Follow and like... Read More »

Instagram Zombie Figurine Pic

One night at a friend’s house party, I noticed miniature figurines placed through out the living room. After taking out my iPhone, I photographed a zombie crawling towards a screaming woman. Follow and like... Read More »