Explaining Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom for Camera Buyers

Concerning digital cameras, there are two types of camera zooms, optical and digital.  These same descriptions fit video cameras too. Optical is the true zoom.  With optical, the camera’s lens is created to zoom in on an object.  The more optical zoom, the better.  Digital is a fake zoom.  Instead of zooming, digital cuts into... Read More »

Why Many Photographers Enjoy Overcast Days

As some folks may not enjoy overcast days, many photographers love them.   I snapped the following photo during mid-afternoon on a sunny day.  Notice the washed-out colors and the unflattering shadow on Buddha’s face. Now, notice the same subject during an overcast day, no washed-out colors and no annoying shadow on the face.  Working... Read More »

Photos of Different Roses Growing in Central Florida

I photographed the following Central Florida rose pics both in Winter Park’s Central Park and Orlando’s Leu Garden.  At least, that much I definitely remember.  Due to bad organization,  I don’t know where which of the two spots some photos actually took place. Yet, I am quite sure the reader will enjoy the photos.  Some... Read More »

Camellias at Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park, Florida

Camellias changed my mind about January, a month I always hated.  Why did I always hate January?  Annoying cold weather, even here in Florida.  Also, credit card bills from Christmas shopping.  Plus some trees contain no leaves around this time of year, an unpleasant sight in my eyes. Yet, one New Years morning, I took... Read More »

Flowers Circling Around a Buddhist Biker

One drunken night at Orlando’s Peacock Room, a biker friend sat on the bar counter like a Buddhist monk.  With my iPhone, I photographed him. Later on, with the Pixlr Express phone app, I added some circling flowers. Follow and like... Read More »

Southern Magnolia Flowers in Downtown Sanford, Florida

One morning, I drove through Downtown Sanford, Florida.  As I cruised 1st Street, I noticed a magnolia tree on a corner.  Noticing the tree’s white flowers, I parked the car and took out my iPhone. Because they grow in the Deep South, these magnolia varieties are called southern magnolias. (How original is that for a... Read More »

A Beautiful Cluster of Pink Roses

I forgot the name of this climbing rose.  (Perhaps, a reader can tell me.) I do know it produces beautiful clusters of pink roses. The rose grows on a trellis in front of the house. One late afternoon, I took out my iPhone and photographed a cluster. Follow and like... Read More »