Camera Film

Babe Photography in Front of Downtown Orlando’s Alpha Bar

Back in 2001, a buddy hosted a DJ night at Alpha Bar, a spot once located in Downtown Orlando.  Usually, I would stand outside in front of the place and photograph the babes passing by. These were Tuesday nights.  Also, many of the babes passing by were either going to or leaving Have A Nice... Read More »

Orlando Rules Halloween (includes photos to prove it)

In his Orlando Weekly article, Seth Kubersky had it right. When it comes to Halloween, Orlando rules. This is the same city that hosts Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, an annual event attracting visitors from all over the country. I think Halloween Horror Nights starts the first week of October and lasts until the first... Read More »

Downtown Orlando’s Cairo

Cairo existed in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Being over thirty, I considered myself somewhat too old to be hanging here.  Yet, from 2001 to 2002, I showed up anyway. I really didn’t know if cameras were allowed or not.  Yet, I wasn’t taking any chances on finding out.  So, I sneaked a camera in anyway, a... Read More »

Vintage Photos of African-American Migrant Workers in Upstate New York

Recently, I found photos once owned by Mary Elizabeth Anderson, a late great aunt from my mom’s side.  Some of the photos contained black and white images of migrant workers.  I borrowed those from my Uncle Hollis, the person who now owns them. My maternal grandparents were migrant workers.   With other African-Americans, they would travel... Read More »

Jennifer Rae Paxton: A Personal Photo Muse

Starting in 2001, I began running into the lovely Jennifer Rae Paxton. Always,  I would see her at parties and events around Orlando. At this time, I was using Canon SLR film cameras. I’ve always remembered Jen as being friendly.  Some women I photograph possess  an attitude problem, as if I should be so happy... Read More »

Topless Women and Chains in Downtown Orlando

In a previous blog, I wrote about photographing freaky Orlando parties hosted by Tania Bernard. The following pics happened during a Halloween event. The now-closed Knock Knock hosted it.  Knock Knock existed in Downtown Orlando. For this event, I used my Canon Rebel 2000.  For film, I used Fuji 400.  Plus I used a Kodak... Read More »