Creepy Halloween Props at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Every year, creepy Halloween props go up in The Peacock Room, a Central Florida bar located near Downtown Orlando’s edge. David Rich, one of the two owners, gave the low-down on the props. “They are made by a man that works for a local theme park. They were made for us. We own them. And... Read More »

Three Laughing Buddha Figurines

Usually, I see figurines of the Laughing Buddha (Budai in Chinese) more than I see figurines of Siddhartha Buddha. Actually, the Laughing Buddha is a Chinese monk often confused with Siddhartha. Budai is often depicted as a laughing, fat, bald guy. His laughing earned him the name The Laughing Buddha. I photographed the following images... Read More »

Two Samurai Figurines in the Garden

Buddha isn’t the only one in the garden.. Two Samurai warriors stand there too. I say samurai.  Yet, I don’t really know what kind of Asian warriors these are.  When I saw them at a craft store, I knew they would look cool in the garden. I photographed the following photos with my iPhone. Follow... Read More »

Instagram Zombie Figurine Pic

One night at a friend’s house party, I noticed miniature figurines placed through out the living room. After taking out my iPhone, I photographed a zombie crawling towards a screaming woman. Follow and like... Read More »