Daytona Beach, Florida

February Trip to Daytona Beach, Florida

One February morning, I drove from Orlando to Daytona Beach, Florida.  Because this is Florida, some of the following pics prove it wasn’t cold that day.  As folks located in other parts of the nation probably wore coats (especially the North East and Midwest), many people in these pics are dressed in shorts.  One photo... Read More »

October Visit to Daytona Beach, Florida

For me, Florida’s beach season exists between March and August. Don’t ask how I came to that conclusion.  I couldn’t tell you. Once, I drove to the beach during January.  Yet, I never visited during fall.  In 2003, one October Saturday changed that. On that day, I drove to Daytona Beach. At this time, I... Read More »

A Summer Trip to Daytona Beach, Florida

Despite my Florida residence, I rarely drive to the beach. I always own a crappy car, a car that definitely can’t handle the drive from Orlando. On June 30, 2001, I drove to Daytona Beach.  I owned a decent car then. Along for the ride was my Canon Rebel film camera.  Plus I carried a... Read More »