Explaining Social Media #Hashtags (Plus some controversy)

First, I shall explain hashtags.  For awhile, hashtags were mostly used on micro-social networks like Twitter and Instagram. Now, other sites (including Google+ and Facebook) use hashstags.  First, you type this symbol “#”.  Then after that symbol, you type a word.   Let’s say you upload a red rose photo.  These may be your hashtags: #rose,... Read More »

Five Reasons Photographers Hate Dealing with Cheap People

I really hate dealing with cheap bastards, especially when it involves them paying me for my services.  Even during a good economy, people whine poverty when it comes to paying. Now, I’m going to give you five goddamned reasons on why photographers hate dealing with cheap bastards. 1. Cheap people hate spending money, but they... Read More »

Political Words on a Condom Vending Machine

In the bathroom at Wallys (located in Orlando), I spotted these beautiful words on a condom vending machine: No War but Class War! When it comes to spreading a message, I guess a bathroom would be one of the best choices, especially with all the traffic a bar’s bathroom receives every day and every night.... Read More »

Twenty Two Photos of People Wearing Cool T-Shirts

Today, I decided to gather photos of people wearing cool t-shirts, pics I took over the years. Some I photographed with my Canon Digital Rebel.  Others I photographed on the photo setting of my Toshiba camcorder.  All photos involve Central Florida’s nightlife.  Enjoy. Follow and like... Read More »

Protesting Apopka’s Dealer Services Auto Dealership

One afternoon,  I was driving down South Orange Blossom Trail in Apopka, Florida.   In front of an auto dealership, I noticed a group of black youths holding up signs, signs saying the place rips people off.  Dealer Services was the name of the auto dealership. I parked the car in a nearby, closed, flea market... Read More »