Bikini Babes from Florida

Most of these photos came from previous blogs. All are either from Cocoa Beach or Orlando, Florida. After one hundred blog posts, I recently found out many photos weren’t uploaded in their appropriate size.  True enough, at it’s longest length, a photo can be displayed at 615 dpi.  Yet, that don’t translate well when you... Read More »

Bikini Contest at Florida’s Cocoa Beach Pier

Back in June 2007, I visited a friend in Cape Canaveral, Florida. For those that don’t know, Cape Canaveral exists on Florida’s Space Coast, the home of NASA. My buddy told me about a bikini contest happening at The Cocoa Beach Pier. Yet, wouldn’t you know it, my Canon Rebel DSLR wouldn’t work.  Instead, I... Read More »

Bikini Ladies at an Orlando Pool Party

During the summer of 2007, Chill Sundays pool parties happened at the Sheraton located in Downtown Orlando. The last party ended during labor day weekend.  Not only were DJs playing, live bands entertained too.  A bikini contest happened towards the end of the night. As I spent most of the time videotaping, I also managed... Read More »

Bikini Contest at Cocoa Beach’s Sandbar Sports Grill

Back in 2007. I visited Cocoa Beach during Memorial Day weekend.  Driving from Orlando, I specifically came here for a bikini contest happening at Sandbar Sports Grill. Because I was busy videotaping, I didn’t take many photos.  Yet, with my Canon Rebel DSLR, I did take enough to post on a future blog. After the... Read More »