Central Florida Photographer Marcus Adkins: Interview and Photos

Back in 2010, during a DJ gig I performed for a local artist, I first met Marcus Adkins at Orlando’s The Peacock Room.  His wonderful camera showed every detail of my face, details showing how much weight I recently gained at the time.

At my request, Mr. Adkins granted me an interview.


Can you explain your history with photography?

I have had a camera with me most of the time for the last 10 years. Friends and family were my first subjects, and have remained my favorite subjects to photograph (esp Candid Photographs).

When I get a chance, I love to take trips to some of Florida’s beautiful coastlines and natural preserves to capture Landscape Photographs.

I started spending time looking for Art shows in Orlando for inspiration.  Over time, I met a lot of local artists who became close friends. Their work, and more and more they themselves, became very inspiring to me.

What is your usual camera equipment?

I use a Canon 7D with a 50mm lens most of the time.  I also use a super wide 10-22mm for Landscapes.

What subjects do you choose to photograph?

Mostly nouns.

When it comes to low light, I notice you usually avoid using flash.  Why is that? Or am I getting the wrong impression?

I don’t care for what direct flash looks like. It’s cold and doesn’t capture the moment as well as available light. I can take more Candid Photographs without interrupting the moment with flash and calling attention to myself.

Who are your influences?

Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, many more…

What are your views on the current photography scene?

The Photography community here in Orlando is getting better. We have been home to a World-Class Photography exhibit called “SNAP” for the last four years. Now they are opening up a year round space called “SNAP Space” in The Cameo Theater, one of the only Art-Deco buildings in Downtown Orlando.

Living in Central Florida, what are your views on the Orlando art scene?

The Art community in Orlando is very interesting, there are some very interesting people doing some very cool things. Orlando is a young, small city that has a long way to go with our Art community. The great thing is there are more and more galleries opening up and exposing more talents to more people.

Some photographers still use film.  What are your views on that?

Film is cool.  However, I have always shot digital. It’s all I really know.
I want to start experimenting with Wet Plate Photography.

Does equipment really matters when it comes to photography?

No. However, depending on what you are Photographing, the right equipment makes things go smoother.

You got a show coming up soon.  Give the readers and me some details about that.  This is your first show, right?

My first solo show was at Crooked Bayou back in April 2010. I also had a solo show at a place called The Bar in Lake Mary,Florida.

I showed work at two group shows at SUbstance: “Arugula” and ” Mamona”.  At the Mamona show, I also assisted with the Curating of the Photography.

I currently have work hanging at OLV Cafe and Sandwich Bar. Also, I have an upcoming show at The Falcon on September 28th.  I’ll be showing My Portrait Project titled “Our Red Chair Project”.  I have been Photographing local Artists in a series with an old rocking chair someone threw out.  Each artist has painted a spot red and signed it.
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