Shocking Orlando Pic Proves Carry Camera Always

One night, some friends and I boozed in an Orlando bar.  (Because I fear this blog contributing future trouble for the place, the bar shall remain nameless.) Sometime during the evening, two couples entered the establishment.  I’m bad with age.  Still, I guessed the couple to be in their thirties or early forties. I noticed... Read More »

Orlando Fetish Shows

This is another compilation of photos from previous blogs.  This time we focus on fetish.  Most photos were shot in Orlando, Florida.  Yet, some were shot in Casselberry and Winter Park. Some are scanned photos.  Some are digital. [Show as slideshow] 12► Follow and like... Read More »

AntiBabe Fetish Night at Downtown Orlando’s Vixen

Some years back,  AntiBabes hosted a fetish night at Vixen, a bar located in Downtown Orlando.  The night happened every Sunday. Jodi Thomas is the leader of the crew.  Actually, her and I used to cross paths at Theater Downtown. One night, I decided to photograph an event with my Canon Rebel. If you see... Read More »

Chained Women, Whips and Masks in Downtown Orlando

In the past two blogs, I wrote about photographing Orlando events hosted by Tania Bernard. The first blog involved my first time using digital photography for an event. The second involved my last days using film. I photographed Tania’s freaky events for a third and final time. Like the previous events, this one happened at... Read More »

Topless Women and Chains in Downtown Orlando

In a previous blog, I wrote about photographing freaky Orlando parties hosted by Tania Bernard. The following pics happened during a Halloween event. The now-closed Knock Knock hosted it.  Knock Knock existed in Downtown Orlando. For this event, I used my Canon Rebel 2000.  For film, I used Fuji 400.  Plus I used a Kodak... Read More »

A Freaky Downtown Orlando Event

For years, I photographed Tania Bernard’s events, especially the freaky ones involving whips and half-dressed women. The now-closed Knock Knock existed in Downtown Orlando.  Mostly, the bar hosted DJs.  Yet, events like Tania’s took place there too. For the following photos, I used my Olympus Camedia. Plus I added an extra flash.  With the flash... Read More »

A Nude Theater Performance in Casselberry, Florida

Back in 2001 (I think), a friend asked me to photograph his play Les Femmes Fatale, a theater piece performed nude. On this same night, HBO’s Real Sex show recorded the performance for an upcoming episode, an episode called Macbeth in the Buff. The performance spot?  Club Juana, a now-closed stripper joint that existed in... Read More »