Crowd Album Website Proves Social Media’s Power

Recently, I just realized the true power of social media.  I always knew social media was powerful.  Using it brings more views to this blog.  Yet, a certain website proved social media’s power more than I thought it was. Back in August 2013, I attended a Mickey Avalon concert at Orlando’s The Social.  Most people... Read More »

Shocking Orlando Pic Proves Carry Camera Always

One night, some friends and I boozed in an Orlando bar.  (Because I fear this blog contributing future trouble for the place, the bar shall remain nameless.) Sometime during the evening, two couples entered the establishment.  I’m bad with age.  Still, I guessed the couple to be in their thirties or early forties. I noticed... Read More »

Orlando Fetish Shows

This is another compilation of photos from previous blogs.  This time we focus on fetish.  Most photos were shot in Orlando, Florida.  Yet, some were shot in Casselberry and Winter Park. Some are scanned photos.  Some are digital. [Show as slideshow] 12► Follow and like... Read More »

Babes of Downtown Orlando’s Nightlife

Most of the following babe photos had been published in previous blogs.  Consider this a Best Of collection.  All photos take place in various spots of Downtown Orlando, Florida. [Show as slideshow] 12► Follow and like... Read More »

Bikini Babes from Florida

Most of these photos came from previous blogs. All are either from Cocoa Beach or Orlando, Florida. After one hundred blog posts, I recently found out many photos weren’t uploaded in their appropriate size.  True enough, at it’s longest length, a photo can be displayed at 615 dpi.  Yet, that don’t translate well when you... Read More »

Babe Photography in Front of Downtown Orlando’s Alpha Bar

Back in 2001, a buddy hosted a DJ night at Alpha Bar, a spot once located in Downtown Orlando.  Usually, I would stand outside in front of the place and photograph the babes passing by. These were Tuesday nights.  Also, many of the babes passing by were either going to or leaving Have A Nice... Read More »

Ebony Girls at Orlando’s The Beacham

I previously blogged about Orlando’s The Beacham. One blog centered on the ethnic diversity of the women. The second involved Instagram pics of the dancers. This last blog, last because I don’t photograph there anymore, centers on ebony girls of all shades.  You usually see these beauties attending Friday and Saturday nights at The Beacham,... Read More »

Instagram Pics of Diverse Dancing Babes at Orlando’s The Beacham

Recently, I posted a blog showing Instagram pics of Orlando nightlife babes. Due to that blog post’s popularity, I decided to do another Instagram post involving Orlando’s nightlife and babes. This one involves The Beacham, a nightclub I photograph every Friday and Saturday night.  I used to photograph Sundays, but I don’t anymore. On a... Read More »

Instagram Pics of Orlando Nightlife Babes

The following photos are Instagram pics involving babes in Orlando’s nightlife.  Some you may have seen in previous blogs.  Some I used flash and others I didn’t.  Enjoy By the way, my Instagram name is stonecrazy89. [Show as slideshow] Follow and like... Read More »

Diverse Babes from Orlando’s The Beacham

True enough, most of the club babes on this page are of the chocolate variety. Yet, a few different spices are included in the mix. During the weekends, I photograph for The Beacham, a nightclub located in Downtown Orlando, Florida.  Friday and Saturdays are hip hop nights.  Sunday is a Latin night.  I no longer... Read More »

Fire and Burlesque Dancer: Sissy Mary Sinful

After previousely blogging about Sissy Mary Sinful, it hadn’t occurred to me our paths once crossed at Little Fish-Huge Pond, a spot located in Sanford, Florida.  Remembering a burlesque dancer who wore star pasties, I searched my Facebook photo albums. Out of the three dancers, she was the only one I managed to photograph before... Read More »

Orlando Burlesque Dancer: Kissa Von Addams

I first encountered burlesque dancer Kissa Von Addams at an event hosted by The Peacock Room, a lounge located in Orlando, Florida.  The event featured fetish, poets and burlesque dancing. Kissa attended the event with Gams Dee Vyne, another burlesque dancer. Kissa Von Addams currently performs burlesque in Downtown Orlando’s Stardust Lounge. At the Peacock... Read More »

Orlando Burlesque Dancer: Gams Dee Vyne

Over a year ago, I met Gams Dee Vyne at an event held in The Peacock Room, a lounge existing in Orlando, Florida.  She was with another woman, one that I’ll feature in a future blog. The event featured poets reading to live music, fetish and burlesque dancing.  Gams was one of the burlesque dancers. ... Read More »

Orlando Instagram Booty Pics

I once promised myself I would avoid photographing booty with my iPhone. Why?  Fear of getting my ass kicked by some woman’s butch girlfriend.  Or being thrown out of the establishment. Some promises are hard to keep.  The alcoholic promises ceasing booze after this one last drink.  The last drink turns into more last drinks. ... Read More »

A Charismatic Young Woman Outside Orlando’s Will’s Pub

One night outside Orlando’s Will’s Pub, I was heading towards the entrance.  I really had no plans to go inside.  I was going to exchange a few friendly words with the door person, my friend Heather.  Before you go inside, you come across Heather first. Suddenly, a charismatic young lady exited Will’s.  Because I couldn’t... Read More »