Does Your Equipment Matter in Photography?

Relating to photography, does equipment matter? Can a photographer still gain a decent photo whether he or she uses a  DLSR or camera phone? In past interviews, I asked three professional photographers this question. Marcus Adkins: “Depending on what you are photographing, the right equipment makes things go smoother.” Robert Milward: “Yes and no. I... Read More »

Orlando Photographer Alexia Adana: Interview and Photos

I recently met Alexia Adana at a party hosted by Orlando Weekly, a local press publishing the stories mainstream is afraid to print.  After becoming Facebook friends, I noticed Alexia’s beautiful photography. On November 22 in Miami, she’ll be a featured RAW artist for the 5th Annual RAWards. Last week-end, after my asking her, Alexia granted... Read More »

Central Florida Photographer Marcus Adkins: Interview and Photos

Back in 2010, during a DJ gig I performed for a local artist, I first met Marcus Adkins at Orlando’s The Peacock Room.  His wonderful camera showed every detail of my face, details showing how much weight I recently gained at the time. At my request, Mr. Adkins granted me an interview.   Can you... Read More »