Annual Mardi Gras in Cocoa, Florida

Every year, a Mardi Gras event happens in Cocoa, Florida.  Actually, it happens in Cocoa Village.  For two years in a row, I drove from Orlando to attend. A fair happened on one side of the area.  Sometime during the early evening, along with guys walking on stilts, a band walked around the fair ground.... Read More »

Orlando Fetish Shows

This is another compilation of photos from previous blogs.  This time we focus on fetish.  Most photos were shot in Orlando, Florida.  Yet, some were shot in Casselberry and Winter Park. Some are scanned photos.  Some are digital. [Show as slideshow] 12► Follow and like... Read More »

Fetish Shows at The Haven in Winter Park, Florida

One of my first photo gigs involved fetish shows at The Haven, a venue located in Winter Park, Florida.  The shows happened once a month.  I forgot how many shows took place.  Yet, I do know at least three happened. For the first show, I used a Minolta SLR a friend loaned me.  No automatic... Read More »

Orlando Photographer Alexia Adana: Interview and Photos

I recently met Alexia Adana at a party hosted by Orlando Weekly, a local press publishing the stories mainstream is afraid to print.  After becoming Facebook friends, I noticed Alexia’s beautiful photography. On November 22 in Miami, she’ll be a featured RAW artist for the 5th Annual RAWards. Last week-end, after my asking her, Alexia granted... Read More »

Orlando Burlesque Dancer: Kissa Von Addams

I first encountered burlesque dancer Kissa Von Addams at an event hosted by The Peacock Room, a lounge located in Orlando, Florida.  The event featured fetish, poets and burlesque dancing. Kissa attended the event with Gams Dee Vyne, another burlesque dancer. Kissa Von Addams currently performs burlesque in Downtown Orlando’s Stardust Lounge. At the Peacock... Read More »

Creepy Halloween Props at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Every year, creepy Halloween props go up in The Peacock Room, a Central Florida bar located near Downtown Orlando’s edge. David Rich, one of the two owners, gave the low-down on the props. “They are made by a man that works for a local theme park. They were made for us. We own them. And... Read More »

Sepia Tone Photos from a Western Theme Party

Last year, I DJed a Halloween house party hosted by friends.   The theme was western. With my Canon Rebel, I photographed the event. Nothing against the ghosts and goblins who showed up. Yet, I decided to get creative with the western folks. Someone suggested sepia tone photos. In Photoshop Elements, I did just that with... Read More »

An Alice in Wonderland Costume Event in Sanford, Florida

Back in April 2010, Little Fish-Huge Pond hosted an Alice in Wonderland event.  Little Fish-Huge Pond exists in Sanford, a forty-five minute drive away from Orlando, Florida. For those that don’t know, the original name for Lewis Caroll’s book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Stage, film and television shortened it to the name most people recognize.... Read More »

AntiBabe Fetish Night at Downtown Orlando’s Vixen

Some years back,  AntiBabes hosted a fetish night at Vixen, a bar located in Downtown Orlando.  The night happened every Sunday. Jodi Thomas is the leader of the crew.  Actually, her and I used to cross paths at Theater Downtown. One night, I decided to photograph an event with my Canon Rebel. If you see... Read More »

Two Female Fire Dancers: Laura Dewey and Sissy Mary Sinful

Back in April, I drove to Orlando’s Castle Knights.  An evening fundraiser hosted by Ferox happened, a fundraiser for two of Ferox’s close friends.  Ferox hosts burlesque shows around the area. During tonight’s event, two female fire dancers performed: Laura Dewey and and Sissy Mary Sinful. The following pics I shot with my Canon Rebel.... Read More »

Bikini Contest at Florida’s Cocoa Beach Pier

Back in June 2007, I visited a friend in Cape Canaveral, Florida. For those that don’t know, Cape Canaveral exists on Florida’s Space Coast, the home of NASA. My buddy told me about a bikini contest happening at The Cocoa Beach Pier. Yet, wouldn’t you know it, my Canon Rebel DSLR wouldn’t work.  Instead, I... Read More »

Rapper Bushwick Bill’s Surprise Appearance at Orlando’s The Beacham

Friday and Saturday nights, I photograph for The Beacham, a nightclub existing in Downtown Orlando.  Last Friday night delivered a surprise.  The DJ and two dancers performs on The Beacham’s stage.  After me doing some photo shots on the stage, I walked down the short passageway leading to the dance floor.  Entering through the passageway’s... Read More »

Chained Women, Whips and Masks in Downtown Orlando

In the past two blogs, I wrote about photographing Orlando events hosted by Tania Bernard. The first blog involved my first time using digital photography for an event. The second involved my last days using film. I photographed Tania’s freaky events for a third and final time. Like the previous events, this one happened at... Read More »

A Freaky Downtown Orlando Event

For years, I photographed Tania Bernard’s events, especially the freaky ones involving whips and half-dressed women. The now-closed Knock Knock existed in Downtown Orlando.  Mostly, the bar hosted DJs.  Yet, events like Tania’s took place there too. For the following photos, I used my Olympus Camedia. Plus I added an extra flash.  With the flash... Read More »

A Masquerade Event in Downtown Sanford, Florida

Last November, I attended a birthday masquerade party at Little Fish-Huge Pond.  Little Fish exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Masquerade balls originated in 15th century Venice, Italy.  During the Venetian Carnival, members of the upper-class held dances as they wore masks.  Also during these events, because of the mask wearing, hedonistic behavior became the norm. ... Read More »