Cocoa Beach, Florida

Bikini Babes from Florida

Most of these photos came from previous blogs. All are either from Cocoa Beach or Orlando, Florida. After one hundred blog posts, I recently found out many photos weren’t uploaded in their appropriate size.  True enough, at it’s longest length, a photo can be displayed at 615 dpi.  Yet, that don’t translate well when you... Read More »

Bikini Contest at Florida’s Cocoa Beach Pier

Back in June 2007, I visited a friend in Cape Canaveral, Florida. For those that don’t know, Cape Canaveral exists on Florida’s Space Coast, the home of NASA. My buddy told me about a bikini contest happening at The Cocoa Beach Pier. Yet, wouldn’t you know it, my Canon Rebel DSLR wouldn’t work.  Instead, I... Read More »

Bikini Contest at Cocoa Beach’s Sandbar Sports Grill

Back in 2007. I visited Cocoa Beach during Memorial Day weekend.  Driving from Orlando, I specifically came here for a bikini contest happening at Sandbar Sports Grill. Because I was busy videotaping, I didn’t take many photos.  Yet, with my Canon Rebel DSLR, I did take enough to post on a future blog. After the... Read More »