Casselberry, Florida

Orlando Fetish Shows

This is another compilation of photos from previous blogs.  This time we focus on fetish.  Most photos were shot in Orlando, Florida.  Yet, some were shot in Casselberry and Winter Park. Some are scanned photos.  Some are digital. [Show as slideshow] 12► Follow and like... Read More »

A Nude Theater Performance in Casselberry, Florida

Back in 2001 (I think), a friend asked me to photograph his play Les Femmes Fatale, a theater piece performed nude. On this same night, HBO’s Real Sex show recorded the performance for an upcoming episode, an episode called Macbeth in the Buff. The performance spot?  Club Juana, a now-closed stripper joint that existed in... Read More »

A Huge Canary Island Date Palm in Casslberry, Florida

During a late afternoon, I drove to Casselberry, Florida.   Usually, I pass through Casselberry when I travel Highway 17-92 from Orlando to Sanford. On the way to Sanford, I would always notice the outdoor water fountains located in two Casselberry ponds. Owning a love for photographing outdoor fountains, I finally decided photographing the Casselberry water... Read More »