About Fun Photo Blog

It’s not the camera that makes a great or crappy photo.  It’s the person using the camera. Having a topnotch digital camera helps.  Yet, if the photographer lacks photographing skills, no camera in the world will make up for it.  I remember reading something on another photography website years ago when I first entered the photography world.

As I write this, I’m photographing for a nightclub’s website in downtown Orlando Florida. As I use professional photography equipment, the following image I took with my cell phone camera.


The reason I used the cell phone was because it captures natural light better than my professional digital camera.  And get this. Out of all the photos included for that evening, the camera phone pic received the most views.

For readers who spend more time obsessing over equipment versus taking the damned picture, this photography blog definitely isn’t for you. This is for those down for getting the best photo possible by any means necessary, regardless of equipment used.

Oh yea, I can’t stand the term “iPhoneography”, a trendy word used for camera phone pics.  That’s like calling every cola drink a Coke.

Thanks for visiting my photography website and be sure to visit FunPhotoBlog.com often as I update it in a regular basis.