Community garden makeover

I love gardening and growing my own fruit, vegetables and herbs. I learned that it is very difficult to grow fruits and vegetables indoors because these plants grow best under natural sunlight and nothing will pollinate plants better than bumble bees.

I joined a community garden and my garden bed was just a pile of dirt that had nothing. My first project consisted of building a frame to accommodate my hanging plant pots which worked very well. A few days after I set my garden up squirrels ate all my strawberries and destroyed a few plants and birds ate most of the budding blueberries on my blueberry bushes.

Naturally this was frustrating and from previous experiences with animals being destructive I decided I am not going to let these animals ruin my hobby, so I decided to build a frame out of wood and chicken wire to keep the animals out of my garden.

I went home and sketched out a crude drawing, made a shopping list then went to my local home improvement store and bought some wood, hardware and chicken wire to complete my project.

After I had everything I needed I spent an entire morning, afternoon and evening constructing my wood and chicken wire covered garden frame. Knowing I would need to have access to my plants, I built a door and covered it with wire mesh fencing material.

This was a challenging project for me that I took great pride in building and I am very happy with the results of my labor.

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