Jeep owner gets last laugh over Corvette parking job

Jeep owner gets last laugh over Corvette parking job

A New Jersey man got the last laugh over a Corvette’s horrendous parking job.

The sports car was taking up two spots outside a Red Robin restaurant.Rather than parking in the back of the crowded lot, Kyle DeMattia, 20, pulled his Jeep partially onto the sidewalk, with the rest of his vehicle sharing a spot with the Corvette.”The parking lot was packed except for a few spaces at the back and I could see people parking and walking by it in just plain annoyance,” DeMattia told NJ Advance Media.Once inside, DeMattia filmed the Corvette driver’s reaction.He then posted the video to YouTube, where it’s gone viral with more than 1.5 million views.”I just did enough to make him think some kid in a Jeep came and messed with his mid-life crisis mobile,” DeMattia said.

Once the Corvette driver left, DeMattia went out and moved his Jeep into the proper parking spot.

Watch the driver’s reaction HERE

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