Cassadaga Cemetery Florida

Cassadaga Florida is a small and laid back spiritual community full of delusional people and con artists alike. I can say this because I use to work at the Cassadaga hotel when I was a teenager where I washed dishes and did odd jobs part time. From my own observations I can say that none of the supernatural stuff is real and is all a fraud. The place is a very cool place to visit if you want to have a nice relaxing picnic or peaceful day.

There is a cemetery that many tourists and out of towners call the Cassadaga cemetery but Cassadaga has no cemetery and this cemetery is actually located in Lake Helen Florida which is walking distance from Cassadaga. There are all kinds of silly myths about this cemetery and Cassadaga that are totally bogus and made up stories by teenagers with wild imaginations.

While driving through the area I took some random photos of the cemetery.

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