AXL Rose now sponsored by Krispy Kreme

Could it be true that Axl Rose is now sponsored by Krispy Kreme donuts?

axl rose 2013

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AXL Rose likes cake

Rumor has it Axl Rose is singing jingles for local bakeries.

fat axl rose

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Tommy Lee

tommy lee playing the drums

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Microsoft 2013 excel pie chart

Pie Chart

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People Dressed as The Warriors in Sanford, Florida

Recently, actor Roger Hill died, a person most people remember as Cyrus from the gang movie The Warriors.

Actor Roger Hill as Cyrus

About two years ago, I DJed a party centered around the movie. The event took place at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida. Some folks dressed as characters from the movie.  One guy even wore the jacket worn by The Warriors.

Here’s three pics from the party.

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2 guys climbed to the end of a crane on top of the world’s second tallest skyscraper in the world and took these amazing pictures.

Please share!

Several weeks ago somebody sent us these amazing photographs and asked us to share them on our photo blog. While we did not take these photos ourselves and certainly would be scared to ourselves “I’m scared of heights” they are worth sharing and are amazing to say the least.

The short story is, in early February 2014, two fearless daredevils Vadim Makharov and Ritaliy Raskalov were traveling through China. The intended pinnacle of their trip was to reach the top of the Shanghai Tower which is a whopping 632 meters and is 121 stories tall. This is the second tallest building in the world.

They planned their escapade to coincide with the Chinese New Year, so that fewer people would be around and security would be lax. Sneaking into the building, which is still under construction, they climbed 120 stories on foot. Once they made it to the top of this building they slept and waited for good weather to take these breathtaking photos. Once they took photos they crawled to the end of the crane and took even more amazing photos and a video which they posted on YouTube.

CLICK HERE to watch their video.

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How to Handle People Posting Embarrassing Photos of You Online

One day or night, you go online and what do you see? An embarrassing photo of you on Facebook.  Not only is this pic embarrassing, for some folks, it could get them fired.

What do you do when someone uploads an unflattering pic?  First, let me remind you of US law.  If you’re in a public space, people have the right to photograph you and upload the pic. Even booty pics are protected under this law.

Yet, there are exceptions.  Manipulating the photo in an unflattering way can get you sued.  Also, you can’t photograph and post what folks do in privacy.  Another thing, say you photograph a guy walking in the park.  If you post the pic in a news story about male prostitution, that guy owns the legal right to sue you.

Drunk People on Subway

Because this happened in a public space, these folks can’t sue the photographer.

So here’s what you do about unflattering pics.  First, ask to have the pic removed. Also, politely explain the reason having the photo removed. Usually, this works.  If this don’t work, you’re pretty much screwed.  When you’re in the publc eye, the photographer can upload the pic and share with as many online friends as possible.

Now, what if the photo was stolen from you?  Like the previous incident, ask to have the photo removed.  The person refuses?    Contact Digital Millennium Copyright Act. (DMCA) For a fee, they demand the offending idiot or idiots to remove the photo.

Unflattering online photos suck.  Yet, there are some things you can do about it.

photo credit: Rooney. via photopin cc

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This is Gonna Hurt by Nikki Sixx (a book review)

Some months back, at the library, I checked out Nikki Sixx’s This is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life. Most people know Nikki Sixx as metal band Motley Crue’s bassist.  Also, he wrote the New York Times Bestseller The Heroin Diaries.  This is Gonna Hurt is Sixx’s second published book.Nikki Sixx's This Is Gonna Hurt

With me being black, I was fully aware of the incident involving him aiming the n-word at a black security guy. Yet, I felt his book may leave a positive impression anyway.

Part of the book, Sixx details his outlooks and shares stories from his life.  He even shares his past heroin struggles. The other part displays Sixx’s twisted photographs; photographs involving a female amputee, obese women and other outcasts of society. When he’s touring with the band, he enjoys photographing the fringes of a city, fringes like prostitutes.  I loved every damned bit of his photography.  In fact, I enjoyed the photos more than the writing, not to say Mr. Sixx is a bad writer.

If flowers and rainbows aren’t your thing, I recommend checking out This is Gonna Hurt.

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How to see if a site stole your photo

In a previous blog, I discussed bloggers stealing photos. What if curiosity has you wondering the existence of a website illegally using one of your photos? Google possesses the right technology for that, and it’s free.

First, go to Google Images.

Google images

Next, click on the camera image located in the search section.  “Search by image” pops up.

Google images Search By Image

Next, you could either use the photo’s URL or upload the photo itself.

Google images upload photo






I used this photo of the smiling brunette.

smiling brunette in a bar



















The next image shows the various pages one would find using the photo.  Plus at the bottom, one would find similar images of a smiling brunette.  Also, like mine, the images are close-ups.

Google images search results



















Of all the websites visited, the last one at the bottom I didn’t recognize.  In other words, somebody stole it.

Google images results





What do you do when this happens?  I mention that in my thieving blogger blog.

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Does Your Equipment Matter in Photography?

Relating to photography, does equipment matter? Can a photographer still gain a decent photo whether he or she uses a  DLSR or camera phone?

In past interviews, I asked three professional photographers this question.

Marcus Adkins: “Depending on what you are photographing, the right equipment makes things go smoother.”


Photo by Marcus Adkins

Robert Milward: “Yes and no. I have seen some of the most amazing photos shot with the cheapest cameras imaginable. However, I do feel strongly the glass is the key to great digital photography outside of the photographer’s creative instincts and knowledge.”

Band onstage.

Photo by Robert Milward

Alexia Adana: “Yes and no. It depends on what you are shooting and how far you want to go. There are some successful photographers who only shoot on film with no external lighting. There are others who own a studio with thousands of dollars of equipment. But they are probably shooting completely different things.

When someone is starting out as a photographer, it’s important to not feel like you have to buy all the expensive shiny stuff. It’s an industry where you should probably get cheap stuff first, experiment with it and be really comfortable with what you’re doing. Next, if you really feel like you need something with more punch to deliver what you want, THEN go and get it.”

Guy blowing smoke

Photo by Alexia Adana

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