Vintage Photos of African-American Migrant Workers in Upstate New York

Recently, I found photos once owned by Mary Elizabeth Anderson, a late great aunt from my mom’s side.  Some of the photos contained black and white images of migrant workers.  I borrowed those from my Uncle Hollis, the person who now owns them.

My maternal grandparents were migrant workers.   With other African-Americans, they would travel from Sanford, Florida to Upstate New York, around the Rochester area.

In Upstate New York, migrant workers picked cherries, peaches and mostly apples.  In Florida, they usually picked oranges.

African-Americans no longer do these jobs.  Nowadays, migrant jobs are done by Mexicans and Caribbeans.

Most of the following photos appear to be in Upstate New York.  As far as dates go, I could only tell if the photos themselves were dated.  Of all the folks in the pics, there’s only one person my mother and I could actually identify.  Read on and you’ll see who.



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AntiBabe Fetish Night at Downtown Orlando’s Vixen

Some years back,  AntiBabes hosted a fetish night at Vixen, a bar located in Downtown Orlando.  The night happened every Sunday.

Jodi Thomas is the leader of the crew.  Actually, her and I used to cross paths at Theater Downtown.

One night, I decided to photograph an event with my Canon Rebel.

If you see yourself in these pics and don’t like what you see, contact me and I’ll remove the pic.

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Two Female Fire Dancers: Laura Dewey and Sissy Mary Sinful

Back in April, I drove to Orlando’s Castle Knights.  An evening fundraiser hosted by Ferox happened, a fundraiser for two of Ferox’s close friends.  Ferox hosts burlesque shows around the area.

During tonight’s event, two female fire dancers performed: Laura Dewey and and Sissy Mary Sinful.

The following pics I shot with my Canon Rebel.



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Bikini Contest at Florida’s Cocoa Beach Pier

Back in June 2007, I visited a friend in Cape Canaveral, Florida. For those that don’t know, Cape Canaveral exists on Florida’s Space Coast, the home of NASA.

My buddy told me about a bikini contest happening at The Cocoa Beach Pier.

Yet, wouldn’t you know it, my Canon Rebel DSLR wouldn’t work.  Instead, I bought a hundred dollar point and shoot camera at a local Wal-Mart.

Point and shoot means a camera you just point and shoot.  My Canon is a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), a camera which shoots the image reflected off a mirror.   Also, you can change the lenses on a DSLR.

Local rock station WJRR 101.9 FM hosted the bikini event.  I didn’t get excellent photos.  Yet, some of them were passable.

The next day, I took the camera back.

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Bikini Ladies at an Orlando Pool Party

During the summer of 2007, Chill Sundays pool parties happened at the Sheraton located in Downtown Orlando.

The last party ended during labor day weekend.  Not only were DJs playing, live bands entertained too.  A bikini contest happened towards the end of the night.

As I spent most of the time videotaping, I also managed photographing with my Canon Rebel DSLR.

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Florida Space Coast’s Port Canaveral

Between 2006 to 2008, I used to drive from Orlando to Florida’s Brevard County.  Usually, the trip to the Space Coast involved me spending the weekend with a friend who lived in Cape Canaveral.

Why they call it the Space Coast?  NASA being located here, that’s why.

The one time I visited Brevard and didn’t spend the weekend was during a Cocoa Beach bikini contest.

Usually, before I leave Brevard, I would visit Port Canaveral.   Cruise and cargo ships dock here.  Sometimes, I would see dolphins.

After about a half hour or so, I would travel back to Orlando.

The following photos involved my Olympus Camedia digital camera.

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Rapper Bushwick Bill’s Surprise Appearance at Orlando’s The Beacham

Friday and Saturday nights, I photograph for The Beacham, a nightclub existing in Downtown Orlando.  Last Friday night delivered a surprise.  The DJ and two dancers performs on The Beacham’s stage.  After me doing some photo shots on the stage, I walked down the short passageway leading to the dance floor.  Entering through the passageway’s door was a tall white guy followed by a black dwarf. The dwarf wore a baseball cap and a shirt with a Smurf on it.  When I saw the band-aid on the dwarf’s right eye, I immediately recognized him.  It was Bushwick Bill from the Geto Boys.  Most people know the Geto Boys for their hit song “Mind Playing Tricks on Me”.

I couldn’t believe it.  Fucking Bushwick Bill was right in front of me!

“No! No! No!” I Kept yelling.

Bushwick smiled at me and shook my hand.


I wonder what other celebrities I will see in the future.

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A Boozing Thursday Night on Orlando’s Mills Avenue

Last night, I drove to Orlando’s Mills Avenue.  After two nights of boozing, I intended to stay home.  Yet, a friend phone called me and asked me to show up at Wally’s, a joint located on Mills.

I decided to use my iPhone for photos.


Well, I hope my liver will forgive me.

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An Unexpected Good Time at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Last night, I drove to Orlando’s The Peacock Room.  There was no real reason to go there, except drinking some brew.

Being glad I did show up, I photographed friends with my iPhone.  Plus I decided to upload the pics to Instagram, something I haven’t been doing much lately.

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Two Seminole County Florida Cemetaries: Oaklawn Memorial Park and Evergreen Municipal Cemetary

A Facebook friend challenged me to photograph a cemetery.

“You know black people are afraid of graveyards, don’t you?” I said.

Because she’s a white woman with a half-black son, she understood.  She explained despite being raised in an atheist home, her son is still afraid of ghosts.

During the late afternoon, I took the challenge.  With my iPhone I photographed two cemeteries. First, I drove to Oaklawn Memorial Park  in Lake Mary, Florida.  Next, I drove to Evergreen Municipal Cemetery in Sanford.

Because it was daylight, I wasn’t really afraid of ghosts, zombies or vampires.  I was more afraid of curious cops wondering what the hell was that suspicious negro doing out in the cemetery.


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Costumed Window Displays at Orlando’s Ritzy Rags

One night during my wanderings on Orlando’s Mills Ave., I purposely walked to Ritzy Rags, a wigs and more shop.

Remembering the costumed mannequin displays in the window, I decided to photograph them with my iPhone.

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Downtown Orlando’s The Beacham: Ladies Night

Every Friday night, I photograph Ladies’ Night at The Beacham. The Beacham exists in Downtown Orlando.

Hip hop plays mostly. Also, most of the crowd appears from age eighteen to mid-twenties. Yet, folks thirty and up patronize the night also.

My photos go on the The Beacham’s website.

For these nights, I use my Canon Rebel DSLR.

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Jennifer Rae Paxton: A Personal Photo Muse

Starting in 2001, I began running into the lovely Jennifer Rae Paxton. Always,  I would see her at parties and events around Orlando.

At this time, I was using Canon SLR film cameras.

I’ve always remembered Jen as being friendly.  Some women I photograph possess  an attitude problem, as if I should be so happy on having the privilege to photograph them.  Some of these women aren’t even attractive.  Yet, Jen never handed me an attitude.

Some folks may wonder why I’m using Jen in the past-tense.  No, she ain’t dead.  She moved.  Right now, she’s living in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and two kids.

I still talk to her on Facebook.

Of all the women I photographed in the nightlife, Jen is one of the few who stands out.

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Chained Women, Whips and Masks in Downtown Orlando

In the past two blogs, I wrote about photographing Orlando events hosted by Tania Bernard.

The first blog involved my first time using digital photography for an event.

The second involved my last days using film.

I photographed Tania’s freaky events for a third and final time. Like the previous events, this one happened at the now-closed Knock Knock. Knock Knock existed in Downtown Orlando. Plus this event happened during a Halloween night.

I used my Olympus Camadia. Attached on a bracket was another flash. As the camera’s flash went off, so did the other flash.

If you see yourself in these pics and don’t like what you see, e-mail me and I shall remove them at your request.

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Topless Women and Chains in Downtown Orlando

In a previous blog, I wrote about photographing freaky Orlando parties hosted by Tania Bernard.

The following pics happened during a Halloween event. The now-closed Knock Knock hosted it.  Knock Knock existed in Downtown Orlando.

For this event, I used my Canon Rebel 2000.  For film, I used Fuji 400.  Plus I used a Kodak 400 black and white film.  Most black and white film couldn’t be processed in one hour photo.  It had to be processed at another lab.  For this, you had to wait two weeks.  Yet, the Kodak film I had could be processed at the one hour photo lab.

This was the last time I used film to photograph an event.

If you see yourself in these pics and don’t like what you see, contact me and I shall remove the pic at your request.

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