Two Red Ponytails

As usual with some people, I forgot the woman’s name.  I noticed her one night at The Peacock Room, a bar located in Orlando, Florida.  She was with a dude.  The two red ponytails in her hair caught my eye.

The guy walked away for a few moments.  Already drunk, I took out my iPhone and walked over to Red Ponytails.  I asked her could I photograph her.  She agreed.  She asked my name and gave me her’s.  Like I mentioned earlier, I forgot her name.

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Orange County Library: Edgewater Branch

I’m too broke to buy books.  To satisfy my literature cravings, I head to the nearest Florida Orange County Library.  For me, that would be the Edgewater branch, located in Orlando’s north west area.

Because I’m too broke to attend the movies also. I head to the library to check out DVDs.  My movie tastes expands beyond the current English-speaking films.  Sometimes, I check out foreign films or old black and white classics.

Without the library, what would a broke man like me do?

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Protesting Apopka’s Dealer Services Auto Dealership

One afternoon,  I was driving down South Orange Blossom Trail in Apopka, Florida.   In front of an auto dealership, I noticed a group of black youths holding up signs, signs saying the place rips people off.  Dealer Services was the name of the auto dealership.

I parked the car in a nearby, closed, flea market and walked to the group. I noticed a white female cop at the scene.  One of the people was filling out a police report.  I pulled out my iPhone and asked the group could I photograph them.

I didn’t get the full story.  Yet, the college student of the bunch said an employee hit her mother with a car he drove.

I promised the group I would put the photo on the Internet.  As you can see, I kept my promise.

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Christ Statue at St. Mary Magdalen

For years, I’ve always drove by a Christ statue located at St. Mary Magdalen Parish.   St. Mary Magdalen exists in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Finally, one night with my iPhone, I decided to photograph the Christ statue.

Enough light already shined on it, reason why I avoided flash.

After photographing, I drove home and began editing in Snapseed.  Then, I did more editing in Instagram.

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A Funny Biker Chick Sign in Sanford’s The Alley

A venue hosting live blues music, The Alley exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida.  One night, I noticed a pink metal sign hanging on the bar’s brick wall.  A smile formed on my face.

Taking out my iPhone, I felt the need to photograph the sign.

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Funny Words Written on a Toilet Lid

I found these lovely words written on a toilet lid in Will’s Pub, a bar located in Orlando, Florida. There’s no Men’s or Ladie’s room, the bathrooms are uni-sexual.

Fascinated, I took out my iPhone and photographed the toilet lid.

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Plague Inc.: A Shocking Phone App Game

Occasionally, my friend Anthony sells hotdogs in front of The Peacock Room, a bar located in Orlando. As we talked that night, I noticed Anthony’s friend deeply involved in a phone app game. After me asking him, the guy explained the game as he continued playing.

“It’s Plague Inc.,” he said. “The idea is to infect the whole world with a plague.”

That shocked the hell out of me. The idea of wanting to infect the entire world with a plague was beyond my comprehension. Yet, I later read the game is extremely popular. For two weeks, it was the number one paid app for iPhone and iPad.

As he continued playing Plague Inc., I took out my iPhone and photographed Anthony’s friend.

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A Goth Friend Displaying His Skull Ring

“You have more goth followers than I do.  And you’re black!”

That was my drunk and silly friend Brian Stibal.

One night at a party, I was showing him my Tumblr and Instagram followings on my iPhone.  What Brian said was true.  Many goths appreciate some of my photos.

Brian creates custom design rings, Demention Designs Metal Works.  At the moment, he was wearing one of his pieces, a skull ring.

Putting my iPhone to the camera setting, I asked Brian to pose for me.

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A Scary Mask, Black Gloves and a Chainsaw

I love horror films, always did and always will.  My taste leans more towards the R-rated variety:  blood and nude scenes.

Sometimes, I enjoy viewing horror films in second run movie theaters.  At these spots, audience members yell at the screen.  Sometimes,  I even join in on the fun.

“Oh, hell naw, the black man got killed!”

My love for horror films inspired the following photo I took with my iPhone.

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Nude Female Sculptures in Orlando’s Thorton Park

In Orlando’s Thornton Park, a fountain exists in the middle of the business district.   Included in the fountain are nude female sculptures surrounding it.  One evening, after photographing a full shot of the fountain with my iPhone, I decided aiming my focus on the fountain’s nude females.   Out of all the photos I took of the fountain, I like the following pic the best.

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A Red Ferrari and a Blue Ferrari

Knowing my luck, my chances of owning a Ferrari are probably nil.  Yet, kicking a man down for dreaming would be outright ridiculous.

The following pic contains Hot Wheels toy cars. With my iPhone, I photographed them during late afternoon sun.

The red is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.  The blue is a Ferrari 458 Spider.    Nope, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.

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Dreadlocked Black Guy Wearing a Silver Mask

One night during a DJ gig, I noticed a black guy putting on a plastic silver mask.  With long dreadlocks touching his shoulders, I thought the mask added a cool touch.

Actually, the mask belonged to the bar.  At Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, hats and other masks are always available for a drunk bar patron to wear.  Sanford is a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

Digging his look, I took out my iPhone and photographed the masked dreadlocked guy.

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Monarch Butterfly Landing on Florida Orange Blossom

In Downtown Sanford, Florida, a small orange grove exists by a hotel.  Knowing I might be trespassing, I walked to the orange grove anyway.

I noticed a Monarch butterfly landing on top of an orange blossom. In Florida, most Monarchs are usually seen during the winter months. I spotted the one on the blossom in January.  I took out my iPhone and photographed it.

After posting the pic on Facebook, a friend was amazed at how close I got.  I told her the butterfly liked me.


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Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket

Back in 1984, my stepfather bought me the jacket Michael Jackson wore in his music video Thriller. Actually, my stepfather bought me a one hundred percent nylon replica by Sergio Valente. Damn, I hadn’t heard or seen the name Sergio Valente since the 80s.

For the record, no person named Sergio Valente ever ran the clothing line. Neither was it labeled after someone named Sergio Valente either. Back in 1981, the clothing line was founded by Seattle Pacific Industries, Inc.

After twenty-five years, the Michael Jackson Thriller jacket still lives in my closet. It lives there. Yet, because of weight gain, I no longer can wear it. My size medium days ended about five years after high school.

Yet, for sentimental reasons, I keep the jacket anyway.

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A Sunny January Scenery in Florida

True enough, Florida currently possesses a crappy governor, high unemployment and a crappy school system. Yet, few states can claim beautiful weather like Florida’s.

One January day, before pumping gas at a 7-11, I noticed the sky. Sunlight shined through the clouds. This going on as Northern and Midwest states may have been shuffling snow that day.

Good thing I had my iPhone. I photographed what I saw. Like I mentioned earlier, few state’s can claim the weather Florida has.

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